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11 Steps to Become a LinkedIn Power User

The digital world we now live in dictates that your online reputation can be one of your strongest assets or your biggest liability. It’s a world where sales and marketing are better executed by employees with strong personal brands than by the brands themselves. It’s a world where companies hire not based on resumes and cover letters, but on information they find online.
When it comes to building your online reputation, look no further than social media as a whole. However, if you’re already hooked on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then LinkedIn is the next step for you.
There’s something very grown-up about LinkedIn that can make it unappealing to a lot of young professionals – yet in many ways, LinkedIn is the most contemporary network of all.
Where do you start when getting your profile up to scratch? Well, On Stride Financial have created a shiny infographic based on tips to become a LinkedIn power user.

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