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4 Stages To Prepare For Switching Software Solutions | Business Insights

4 stages to prepare for switching software solutions

Are you considering a switch to a new software solution? Is the thought of the whole process holding you back? It’s safe to say you’re not alone!
Switching your software solution can be the best decision you make for your business but the truth is, as great as your new system may be, it will only be as good as the installation process including the time, care and effort both yourself and your new software provider put into the project.
At Prima, we strongly advise that you include these 4 stages in your preparation:
Ownership & Objectives
This is your project and the software provider is your partner. We always advise that you take ownership, set your clear objectives and desired outcomes. Your software partner is there to assist you every step of the way, offer their expertise and minimise disruption.
Your Project Team
Identify who your project team is and what each of their duties are. This team should include your dedicated contact from your new software provider, but they are not the project leader. The project must remain in your control.
Scope/Workflow Chart
Create a workflow chart to clearly visualise how your business works from start to finish. This is invaluable to all members of your project team, especially your software consultant. Ensure all corners of your business are covered, the more detail the better.
Data Cleansing
Ensure your data is as clean as possible before the transfer. The value of cleansing your data is often underestimated, however, this will reduce transfer issues during the switch, help you realise the system benefits and save you lots of time further down the line.
Feeling a little more confident about switching your software?

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