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An Interview with Gordon Profit – Citrus Office Group

Gordon Profit, Managing Director of Citrus Office Group, made the decision to switch his ERP system from ECI’s Horizon to Prima back in 2021. It was a huge leap for their business. However, Gordon was confident that he had chosen the right company to work, a company who listen to their customers and also share the same visions for the future.

Taking advantage of full integration and automation, Citrus Office Group currently subscribe to our full product suite:

  • Prima ERP – The Software that takes care of their daily processes with extensive automation.
  • PrimaGO – The Integrated eCommerce platform for selling products online.
  • PrimaAPP – Providing them with complete control and visibility of delivery operations.
  • PrimaVANTAGE – Presenting their team with valuable insights, trends and action points to help grow their new and existing business.
  • Prima Marketplace – Instant access to more products with rich content and electronic trading with multiple suppliers
Cracking day at the Prima Software UK & Ireland event in Liverpool on Thursday. We chose this company because we believed they are the right long term e-commerce partner for Citrus Office Group Ltd. Nothing we witnessed on Thursday changed that view – merely reinforced it. Great to partner with a company who really cares about their customers, they say it but back it up with actions too. Well done to the whole Prima team. 👏

Join Citrus Office Group and many others enjoying the most widely used and fastest growing system in the UK.