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Helping you with Black Friday

Helping you with Black Friday text showing a person shopping surrounded by sales signs

Black Friday and Prima.

Black Friday is coming up and we love a deal as much as anyone else! Using PrimaGO and Prima Cloud, you can promote your latest offers directly to your customers by utilising dynamic banners, automated vouchers, and efficient searching amongst much more. By integrating your deals online, you can ensure customers have round the clock access to the best value products. As a result, customers can engage with your advertising content to drive forward and maximise your revenue in the build up to the festive period.

Black Fri-YAY!

The thought of setting up Black Friday deals across your product range can be daunting, but creating offers on PrimaGo can be as simple as creating a banner or advertising bar. If you want to go one step further in pushing your promotions, you can add in key words to group products together under one search, allowing your customers to easily reach your top items. By using featured products, you can categorise promo items together under one group with special, limited time only pricing.

Voucher codes are definitely a feature you should explore across PrimaGo and Prima Cloud on Black Friday. With voucher codes, you can automate deals for customers, apply one time offers, or offer free items. Because of vouchers, you can easily present your customers the best value deals, build strong relationships, and drive customer retention.

Be a Deals Boss.

Combining together a variety of visual and written advertising on Black Friday will make sure your best deals cannot be missed by your customers. Likewise, with an increase in web-driven orders, you can ensure your customers are receiving the best value and will be keen to return again.

By utilising our deal guides below, you can be a Black Friday boss and maximise your revenue on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. And remember: our Black Friday sales techniques are for life, not just for one day!




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