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COVID-19 Crisis Reports with Prima & Vantage Point

back to business with Vantage Point Crisis Reports

Foresight Technology have produced 2 new Vantage Point reports, exclusively for Prima customers. Designed specifically to assist in monitoring business activity pre, during and post the Covid–19 Crisis.

These reports will allow Business Principles and Account Managers to track customer performance variances on many useful KPI’s in a tabular and graphical way highlighting areas where calls to action may be required.

With multiple grouping and filtering options such as Product Ranges or Account Manager these new reports quickly allow users to see exactly where business has fallen away and failed to recover to pre-crisis levels. The user even has the option to define the crisis period as they may vary by region.

The reports can also exclude unwanted Product Ranges which may skew underlying figures.

If you are interested in seeing an example of these reports and many others that come as part of Vantage Point,  please contact

Prices for Prima customers start from only £99.50

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