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Envelopes UK Ltd. now available on Prima with FusionPlus enhanced content


We’re pleased to announce that Prima customers can now access a range of products from one of the world’s largest stockists of envelopes and postal packaging products, Envelopes Ltd.

Their recent partnership with FusionPlus ensures Prima customers have access to high quality enriched product content for their extensive product range.

Envelopes Ltd was established over 20 years ago and grew from a small family run company to now operating from three locations across the UK; Newark, Sheffield and Loudwater, with around 80,000 square foot of warehouse capacity in total.

As a business built on customer-centricity, Envelopes Ltd delivers more, and they will always try to go the extra mile. By partnering with FusionPlus they will now be able to provide full product features, descriptions, benefits and product images – the content will be refreshed and revised on a regular basis, including discontinuations, new additions and general product updates.

Steve Hatchett, Managing Director at Envelopes Ltd, outlines some of the advantages of this new system:

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our stocking partners and trade clients optimised content across our entire portfolio, not just the products listed by other wholesalers. They will now have quick access to a wider range of products and categories than ever before.

With the constant rise of online retail, today’s customer has become very visually driven and more demanding with what they want and expect and it is essential that the product listings they see online look and feel fantastic and provide them with the necessary information for making a purchasing decision.

The expanded product catalogue will increase the likelihood that the end user will find what they’re looking for, the great content will help drive action and as a result, resellers will see increased sales and loyalty from satisfied customers.

This we see at Envelopes Ltd is a partnership worth developing and investing in.”

Miska Kancianova, Central Services Director for Envelopes Ltd says: “Our marketing team has been increasing the amount of end-user targeted content than we ever had before, as we realised this is a key element in driving sales and developing customer relationships. We are continually adding to our product range, and subsequently will be adding those products to our online catalogue, along with the relevant information and images, encouraging a healthy promotion of our products, which, in turn, will lead to more sales.”

Steve Bilton, Managing Director of FusionPlus Data, adds: “I first met Steve and some of the Envelopes Ltd team at the London Stationery Show, and I’m genuinely overjoyed to welcome such a fantastic category specialist with such a strong and wide-ranging product offering to the FusionPlus partner family – I have no doubt their product file will prove to be extremely popular with the dealer community!”

The enriched and fully attributed Envelopes Ltd product file will be available via Prima Marketplace.

To find out more, contact your Envelopes Ltd account manager or send them an email at

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