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Integra Conference – Focus 2019

Crowne Plaza, Stratford-upon-avon Bridge Foot, Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

‘Focus 2019’ is an essential networking event for members and will provide you with an exciting action-packed day that will...

VOW Green Light Ireland

Clontarf Castle Hotel Castle Ave, Dublin 3, Ireland

We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the  VOW Green Light Ireland 2019 Conference on Thursday 21st November...

VOW Greenlight Event 2019

Chateau Impney Hotel Broadway Suite, Chateau Impney, Bromsgrove Road, Droitwich Spa, United Kingdom

We are pleased to announce that Prima will be exhibiting at this year's VOW Greenlight Event at the fantastic Chateau...

Nemo Roadmap 2020

Park Royal Hotel Stretton Rd, Warrington

The first of Nemo's events in 2020 is the annual Roadmap show in January. This offers Nemo Members an opportunity...

The 2020 Superstat Showcase

Belton Woods Hotel Belton, Grantham

Superstat will hold its 2020 dealer and supplier showcase on March 12th at Belton Woods Hotel in Grantham. This one-day event...

Office Friendly 2020 Ents Fest

Heythrop Park Resort Chipping Norton

Office Friendly’s annual Entrepreneurs Festival will return on Friday 9th October 2020 for one day and one night of thought-provoking...

Integra National Conference 2020

Crowne Plaza, Stratford-upon-avon Bridge Foot, Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

Integra Business Solutions has announced the date and venue for its 2020 National Conference. The networking event for members and...