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Exertis join forces with FusionPlus to add price matrix guidance to catalogue files

Prima Software is delighted to announce that Exertis Supplies and FusionPlus Data have joined forces once again to offer enhanced data with the inclusion of Product Bands.
As of Q1 2018, Exertis are now supplying letter matrix guidlines to help dealers use the catalogue as a ‘selling file’. Instead of providing RRP to discount from, the letter matrix is intended to structure a margin relative to the product range.

Below are the details directly from Exertis:

Exertis Margin Category 
Exertis will provide on request a margin category on price files that is for guidance purposes only to help set a default selling price. You are not obliged to follow this guidance and you are totally free to use or not use this to set your outbound pricing. This is purely our opinion of potential relative margin opportunities.
To make use of these categories you will need to determine what margin you wish to make from each category of product and set this in a pricing matrix. We are unable to offer guidance on the level of margin expectation, this is for you to determine

Price Category Product Category Explanation
A Office Products Lowest Margin potentially higher volume lines
B Office Products Middle Margin reasonable volume but not very fastest
C Office Products Middle to Higher Margin – Lower volume than B
D Office products Highest Margin –Low volume lines or very low cost lines where high margin is only small monetary value
E EOS Ink and Toner products – separately categorised as margin expectations differ widely for this category
T Technology Highly sensitive products where we recommend you review closely your requirements
X Excluded Product Products that do not fit any category that will need individual consideration

We suggest that you create these new bands in the Administration module, with the help of this tutorial below:

Tutorial: Pricing Band Setup

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