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FSM | Boosting your field service management offering with Prima Cloud

The FSM module is an extremely powerful, and often overlooked module in Prima Cloud which can enable a business to manage and deliver various services, in addition to the standard order-to-invoice processes that almost all of our customer use Prima for.
F.S.M. stands for Field Service Management and the core functionality of the module relates to running a Managed Print Service (MPS) operation within the database.
Essentially you would start with the Support Contracts area in which users set up the machine agreements. Here you can define the contract date terms and chargeability of the rental, set up periodic invoicing, add warranties, assign engineers etc.
You can then add individual machines to the contracts, confirming their details too e.g. serial numbers, warranty expiry dates and add meter readings(we’ll come back to this shortly).
Once the Support Contracts are live, the invoices(if applicable to the contract) will be ready to go as per your schedule, and then you can update the meter readings as and when you receive them from your customers.
The meter readings against the contract simply allow you to assign chargeable copies via a Counter for your machines out in the field. In the Counter you will find many of the standard features you would expect to see from a MPS solution e.g. Free Copies, cost and sell per copy, invoice description etc.
When you are ready to invoice your meter readings, simply find the relevant counter in the meter readings lookup grid, enter the new reading and complete.
Call Response Service is the area of FSM in which you can raise jobs/tasks/tickets or in Prima’s case ‘logs’, against the Support Contracts. From reporting a faulty machine, to raising a request for parts or product refills, the CRS logs provide a very detailed form for users to manage the log through to completion. The logs provide a full audit trail and traceability, also providing (if necessary) a professional log report which your engineer can have signed off by the customer.


All of the functionality in FSM has recently received a huge boost with the integration to PrintAudit. For customers where MPS is a key part of the operation, the decision to integrate first with PrintAudit(one of the most established MPS products in the market), takes manual management of the machine contracts to new level.
What you now have the opportunity to do is send the key data from your PrintAudit system to remove the manual intervention. Prima can collect and process the meter reading data from PrintAudit, and also pick up the machine alerts you already have programmed e.g. Empty toner, low paper etc.
The meter readings are updated automatically and your PrintAudit alerts drop in to Prima as CRS logs for the team to process as necessary.
This automation really does maximise the potential of the MPS solution, and allows our customers to run several parts of the service offering through the same database.

Import your contracts

To assist customers in getting going the MPS through Prima, we have launched in the last release an import template allowing customers to import their Support Contracts, machines and counter readings.
Contact the Customer Service Centre for more details here.

Other applications

In truth, the FSM module can be applied to various services and I see our customers entrepreneurial nature shine with this.
Whether it be rental charges for water coolers, or software agreements, the support contracts can be really versatile when recurring invoices for services are necessary.
We actually use the Support Contracts internally for managing our software license agreements with customers, and then on the back of this the Call Response Service is used to handle customer queries relating to the software.
This area of the system is different to other modules of Prima Cloud and we strongly advise that you contact the team on to discuss your requirements, and we will hopefully be able to work with you to manage either your MPS or additional services.