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GF Team

We encourage all Prima team members to be part of our GROWTHFACTOR-e customer event. This event presents an excellent chance for us to highlight our incredible team. Are you interested in attending and helping out with the daytime activities?(Required)
If you would prefer not to be part of the daytime event, you may still attend the evening event.
Would you like to attend the evening Dinner event?(Required)
Would you require a hotel room for the evening?(Required)
If you would like to be part of the daytime event, which area would you like to assist with?(Required)
Some of these positions may involve working outside regular office hours (6am start on Thursday 21st). Any hours worked beyond the normal schedule will be compensated with equivalent time off.
Would you be willing to start at 6am for event setup if your role demands it? For early starters, we can organise accommodation on Wednesday evening either at the hotel or nearby.(Required)