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How Stonehill OfficeRight are driving efficiencies with PrimaPOD App

Stonehill OfficeRight, a Business Supplies reseller based in Trowbridge, have been using Prima Software for over 9 years. Like most resellers, they have been delivering to their customers using traditional paper-based delivery notes but were keen to discover how Prima’s recently launched electronic POD app could help improve on their current distribution process.

PrimaPOD is a digital, paperless solution designed to provide businesses with complete control and visibility of delivery operations. Deliveries are tracked electronically and in real-time, increasing the reliability reducing the time and cost involved in managing deliveries and collections.

For just under 12 months, Stonehill have been embracing the many benefits that surround the use of PrimaPOD to simplify and enhance their company’s distribution processes. I caught up for a quick chat with Managing Director, James Hewitt to discuss the various features PrimaPOD has to offer and see how these have benefited his business

James Hewitt, Managing Director
It’s been fantastic. There have been many benefits to us. It saves us so much time by having deliveries automatically complete when the customer signs for the delivery. The ability to allocate manifests to different drivers and add different routes is brilliant. One particular thing I really like is that I now have the ability to consolidate multiple outstanding manifests on to one delivery. This is ideal for if I have some unusual addresses outstanding

Driving Efficiency

PrimaPOD offers significant benefits to help your business automate existing manual processes. Fully integrated with Prima, you have the ability to manage and allocate deliveries and manifests from within your back office system. The manifests can then be downloaded by your drivers to the PrimaPOD app on their smartphone device. Utilising the device’s 4g or wifi signal, data is communicated in real-time to your Prima system.

With the integration of Google Maps, not only can you track deliveries, but you can also plan and optimise routes, keep customers up to date on progress and navigate drivers using the familiar Google Maps Interface.

“PrimaPOD really helps us to avoid any potential customer disputes. My drivers are able to take a photograph of the delivery and straight away, my team have visibility of this in Prima. Additionally, if a customer requests a copy of the POD we can quickly email them a copy of the invoice with the image of the signature or the delivery photograph.”
“It really makes us look a lot more professional for our drivers to have electronic proof of delivery. These days with the likes of Amazon, DPD etc. the customer expects to be signing on a digital device.”

Meeting Customers Expectations

Handing over a crumpled or torn delivery note to your customer isn’t exactly going to leave a long-lasting positive impression. Replacing paperwork with PrimaPOD enables your drivers to work more efficiently, reducing the time required to capture signatures, simplifying your drivers’ tasks and ensuring that your customers receive a professional and consistent on-site experience.

Contactless Deliveries

The Coronavirus outbreak has transformed many aspects of our lives, including the delivery of parcels. To help protect your drivers and customers, PrimaPOD enables the driver to make contactless deliveries by taking a photograph directly within the app instead of requiring the customer to touch the device. As with the signature, a copy of this image can then be provided to the customer on an invoice, emailed directly from Prima.

Data Visibility

Real-time data visibility enables you and your team to see where your drivers are up to and what deliveries are remaining on their manifests. Additionally, there are many other benefits to your business, for example real-time notification of job completions can expedite invoicing procedures and visibility of collections can streamline warehouse and stock management processes. PrimaAPP provides a complete paperless trail for every delivery or collection.

“I really like that if a customer phones in and asks where their delivery is, with PrimaPOD I can see in real-time where the driver has been and when the delivery was time and date stamped. It’s more definitive. I know 100% that it has been delivered, whereas on paper, it’s not as convincing. There was always a risk of the manual completion of delivery notes being overlooked, or not done properly or even paperwork being misplaced. PrimaAPP eradicates any of these risks.”
“A nice thing is you don’t need a special device. It works on IOS and Android and it doesn’t even have to be the latest one – everyone has an old iPhone lying around that they can use without the expense of purchasing the custom made hardware that used to be associated with this kind tech.”

Getting Started with PrimaPOD

Special thanks to James Hewitt from Stonehill OfficeRight for sharing his feedback with us.

If you’d like to see how PrimaPOD can benefit your business, contact our team our team today to setup your online demonstration.

PrimaPOD is part of the PrimaAPP and is available to download on both Apple and Android devices.

PrimaAPP Licenses can be purchased for just £35 per month. Contact our team today for a demonstration of PrimaAPP and to discover how electronic POD can benefit your business.

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