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InControl Marketing Integration with Prima Cloud

We are pleased to announce that Prima Cloud now integrates with InControl Marketing.

Our latest integration enables Prima customers to push contacts automatically or manually into your ICM platform direct through Prima Cloud.

You can set your own executions where Prima will output the specific criteria into your address book in ICM.

Utilising CRM queries or filters in Prima, to find your new customers for that week, your accounts who have dropped in spend by a particular percentage or those who have increased their spend.

You can setup campaigns as simple as customer newsletter lists that auto-update and prospects in a certain sector.

All of the great campaigns that can be run through ICM can be automatically populated from your Prima database and both set on automated measures so you have a fully automated marketing routine for your email campaigns. No more manual exports and imports or potentially forgetting to run that weekly campaign.

The final piece of the jigsaw is collecting all of your campaign clicks and opens before feeding this back into Prima as a journal for the Account Manager of that company to see an outstanding task on their dashboard. This then provides your team with the data where you can action a phone call or check whether the order has come in and been successful.

If you’re a Prima customer and would like to connect to your ICM marketing account, click here to contact our support team who will be happy to assist with the setup.

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