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Jon Daniels | E-Commerce Service Consultant

Jon Daniels (4)

Jon Daniels | E-Commerce Service Consultant

We are pleased to announce that Jon Daniels will be joining our Customer Care team as our E-Commerce Service Consultant!

Jon joins the team after successful periods in our Data and Onboarding teams and will handle the migration of PrimaGO customers to the new V2 webstore over the next few months.

He’s already been heavily involved in webstore upgrades for Prima customers and has previous E-Commerce experience under his belt working with Superstat’s Order Store.

Jon also has fantastic relationships with suppliers and dealer groups which we’re sure will lead to endless possibilities with the data and content that powers Prima webstores in the future…

Jon had the below to say on his appointment:

I’m delighted to be joining the customer services team as E-Commerce Service Consultant and I’m really excited to implement PrimaGO V2 across our customer base.

With over 10 years of industry and product experience in dealer website offerings, I can’t wait to get started in revamping your online presence so that your webstores are cutting-edge and optimised for an exceptional customer experience.

I’m really looking forward to empowering Prima customers with the knowledge and tools that they need to make the most of our services!

Congratulations Jon and we can’t wait to see your work on show!