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Keeping Cool with Prima

A title image showing a man in an office environment trying to keep cool. The text reads "Keeping Cool with Prima"

With the temperature rising every day and more of us wishing our offices had Air-con, we know the importance of keeping cool on the job to make sure your work is fresh. Whilst we wish we could raise up an enhancement for a built-in fan for Prima Cloud (we tried!), unfortunately we aren’t quite there just yet. However, we do have several features in the software which will reduce clicks, save time, and stop you getting hot and bothered.


Column Customisation

Prima offers a lot of information on each screen which helps give you the most detailed order data possible. There may be times when certain data fields aren’t too relevant to your role and get in the way of your working rhythm.

To help with this, we recently introduced column customisation into Prima which allows you to reorder and hide your grid columns so that you see the information you need straight away.

User Filters and Dashboard Tiles

User filters are great ways of easily accessing system information that is relevant to you. Rather than spending time applying filters to each search, you can set the system up with default filters which enable you to efficiently access the data you need.

The dashboard tiles go hand in hand with this too. When Prima opens, you can easily navigate to the areas of the system which are important to you via a tile, saving you time and ensuring you can jump right into your daily tasks

Such small change can make a huge difference to your productivity and proactivity!

The Maintenance Tool

We know it’s easy to make mistakes, but the maintenance tool means you don’t have to sweat about them! If an invoice has been posted incorrectly, or a cost price isn’t correct on an order, the tool can help you correct this.

With the maintenance tool, you can keep cool knowing your invoicing is accurate and reliable!