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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023


It’s Mental Health Awareness week and we would like to help raise awareness about the tools and support that’s out there and available to people.

Created by Mental Health Foundation over 20 years ago, it’s chance to raise awareness and tackle the stigma surrounding mental health in the UK.

This year, the theme is anxiety- something we can all relate to, in one way or another. Anxiety can affect anyone, anywhere, and can have serious affects on other aspects of your health. In a recent mental health survey carried out by Mental Health Foundation UK, over a quarter of adults said they felt so anxious that it stopped them from doing things they wanted to, some or all of the time.

Anxiety can affect so many aspects of daily life but is rarely spoken about. It can be completely consuming and can make you feel very alone. We want to break that stigma by talking about mental health, how it can affect you and those around you, and how we can all help.

If you want to support Mental Health Awareness Week, you can find out more information here: Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 | Mental Health Foundation

We’ve put together some infographics with some handy tips for helping yourself manage your own Mental Health – Click the images below to learn more…