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New eCommerce Webstore Demo | PrimaGO Focus Group

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PrimaGO V2 Focus Group

On Friday 25th August 2023, our Web Product Lead Gary Fletcher hosted a special PrimaGO V2 Focus Group for a dive into our new eCommerce solution!

Check out the highlights below covering the brand new developments powering the latest version of your webstore.

What is PrimaGO V2?

PrimaGO V2 is our brand new eCommerce solution which has been designed exclusively for Prima customers to boost your online presence.

Featuring a variety of new features such as a refreshed homepage design, improved searching, and increased performance, PrimaGO V2 will boost your online presence and deliver a modern web platform that will help to drive your sales.

PrimaGO V2 is a free upgrade for all current PrimaGO customers and for those of you not currently signed up to PrimaGO, you can join the session to explore the benefits that PrimaGO can bring to your business.

As always with our developments, we welcome questions and provide any feedback so we can shape PrimaGO V2 using your ideas and requirements.

There are also opportunities for you to invest in training and design packages so that you can really maximise our new eCommerce platform.

We can’t wait for you to utilise PrimaGO V2!

PrimaGO V2 Registration

Menu of Service
PrimaGO Training Package - £175 +VAT(Required)
3 SESSIONS WHICH INCLUDES: SESSION 1: image grid, image boxes and trending products SESSION 2: selling points, advertisement, showpiece banner, strapline or Q&A SESSION 3: marketplace training on own products


Add PrimaGO to your package

for just £280 per month (ex vat)