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Oliver Rowles | Customer Services Director UK & IE

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Oliver Rowles | Customer Services Director UK & IE

It’s been a weekend of celebrations for our highly respected colleague Oliver Rowles!

Just a day after his birthday celebrations —and let’s be clear, he’s certainly no April Fool — Oliver is stepping into another momentous occasion this week.

He has been promoted to the position of Customer Services Director for the UK & Ireland.

This promotion is fantastic news for Oli, his team and our customers – who have established exceptional relationships with Oli over the years.

Starting his career at Prima in customer support, advancing through roles as a supervisor, and then as a manager, Oli has developed strong connections with our customers by providing first-rate support and training.

Now stepping into the leadership role for our UK & Ireland support, Oliver is ready to lead his expanding team further in delivering top-tier customer care.

Catch Oli’s thought’s on what his new role means for you below:

I am delighted to assume the role of Customer Services Director for our UK & IE customers. With my positive leadership style and can-do attitude, I can help drive new ideas to the forefront and take our service to new levels. We really want to make sure our users are not just satisfied with our products and services, but they are growing their business as a result of utilising these to the highest level. The ultimate goal is to provide you with all the tools and knowledge, to enable foundations for your business growth.

Please join us in congratulating Oli on his new role 👏