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Onboarding Feedback

Congratulations! You have now completed you onboarding with Prima – It’s really great to work with you and your business, we look forward to a long, successful partnership!

We’d love to hear your feedback about how your onboarding experience went! It really helps us to continue delivering the very best service that we can and identifying areas for improvement. Your feedback is extremely beneficial to us.

There are two methods of feedback. You can can either complete a feedback form, or we can schedule a video call with our Marketing team to have a chat about your experience. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable talking on video, we edit out any bloopers or mistakes, so you would look like a true pro on camera!

As a thank you, we will send you a shopping voucher for your time and feedback. If you complete a feedback form you will receive a £25 Shopping Voucher. If you take part in a video call, we will send you £50 shopping voucher! 🙂

Submit feedback via online form

£25 Voucher

Schedule your video interview

£50 Voucher

Onboarding Feedback Form

Provide feedback of your onboarding experience via our form and receive £25 Shopping Voucher

In order to qualify for the shopping voucher, your business must have gone live on Prima within the last 30 days. One voucher only per company.