Enthusiasm and positivity are the principal values that underpin Prima’s culture. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable and successful experience to all businesses and individuals that we connect with.
Our customers become part of our business and help us to shape the future of Prima. Our success is defined by the accomplishments of our customers.
Prima pledge to create opportunities for our people to grow. Such opportunities are born from consistent individual and team excellence. Prima believes that creating a fun and rewarding workplace, with a great work life balance, cultivates a talented team to ensure that we get it right first time for our customers
Prima is a workplace like no other. I can’t say I’ve ever heard or been a part of a community which is more supportive than Prima and it’s an honour to spend my time working with some really brilliant people
– ANDREW LONG, Customer Care
I love coming to work. It doesn’t really feel like work. Although, the wine fridge on a Friday does help!
– MOLLY CLARKE , Customer Care

Our community’s success is our success




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