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Overview: Development Update April 2019

Important Notice

Please note that the following notes are a simple overview of some of the key features to look out for after the latest product release. The full detailed release notes can be found on

Voucher Code System Update

The voucher code system has been updated to include a gift option to add to the already available value off and percentage off. Vouchers have always been available on the PrimaGO Webstore but are now available in your Prima Cloud system from the quick link in your sales order (once setup in the administration).

Call Off Orders

The all new Call Off Orders functionality now allows users to have more control over call off orders with new efficiency possibilities. Within your sales line, you can now select if an item is a call off item in which you can then choose when to release X quantity through to requirements or allocate from stock.

Purchase Delivery Cost Update

When you authorise a purchase order, a new purchase delivery line appears on your purchase order. This allows users greater efficiency when matching purchase invoices and accuracy from both the EDI and manual side.

Calculated Delivery Costs

From a sales line, you can select whether the item is going standard, direct or PWL and from which supplier. This then gives you an educated idea of how much your sales order is going to cost in delivery as a reference point of view. E.G one sales line going direct to supplier 1 and second sales line going to supplier 2 both direct at £5.00 your sales order would advise on a £10.00 expected delivery cost.

Supplier Rebates

Set default rebates against each supplier and you can product by product, amend rebates too. With user permissions coming in to play, you are then able to restrict sales users from viewing the rebated cost in the sales order. More improvements will be rolled out in the coming releases too!

The Prima App

Our App Dev Team is working hard on the new Prima App! Currently, you have the POD facility which this will continue with the added option to use the App for accessing company data such as contacts, locations and journals – perfect for reps on the road!

The Full Release
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