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Portfolio Group now available on Prima with FusionPlus enhanced content


We’re pleased to announce that Prima customers in Ireland can now access to the full range of products from Portfolio Group including the much in demand, ViraPro Range.

The ViraPro range not only includes its core products that have served so well during the pandemic, with alcohol sanitising gels, antibacterial wipes, masks, shields  and sprays, but will shortly be expanded to include:

ViraPro Kids – an alcohol free hand cleansing gel focussed on being kind to children’s hands and helping to alleviate any anxieties or fears that parents may have on their children returning to school post isolation, with 4 fruity scents and “friendly bugs” on the packaging.

ViraPro Zero  – an alcohol free hand cleansing gel, with a fragrant hint of mint. Similar to the ViraPro Kids, but aimed at the adults. This range comes in all sizes from 50ml to 5 litres, allowing it to be used to refill sanitising points throughout the country with a hand friendly solution.

La Femme – a 70% alcohol sanitiser with moisturiser aimed at being more discreet. The soft colours and considered design of the tubes mean that it is the perfect sanitiser for use at your desk or in a handbag.

Portfolio Group, in business since 1982, have focussed on building a leading reputation in 3 key markets – Stationery Wholesale, Branding Promotional Solutions, and Anti-Bacterial solutions.

In owning and developing the ViraPro antibacterial range, Portfolio Group were well placed to be able to help the effort against Covid 19. When the pandemic first hit they were able to use their supplier contacts and relationships to source PPE and much needed sanitiser for HSE Ireland and NHS through their network of dealers. Even going to the extremes of chartering cargo planes themselves to get the product through!

Whilst many manufacturers and wholesalers were trying to source alcohol sanitiser, Portfolio Group had the stock already secured and the ability to plan for the future needs of the consumer in a post lockdown world!

Tony McMullan, Managing Director, Portfolio Group, said:

“Prolonged use of alcohol sanitisers can have a damaging effect on people’s skin. We recognised that sanitisers will remain commonplace as people try to return to a sense of normality, which is why we have expanded our ViraPro range to include alcohol free sanitisers. These are kinder to the skin and still kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.”

A family business, Portfolio Group was founded by Richard McMullan. His first employee was his father, whom he persuaded to come out of retirement, his brother Kevin is Head of Procurement and his four sons are all involved also. These days Richard is the gentle hand of experience, still guiding the team as Sales Director, but he has handed the reigns to eldest son Tony.

Richard McMullan, Portfolio Group Sales Director said:

“To me family is everything. I really appreciate how my family have worked together as one to contribute positively to our society in this fight against Covid 19. The relationship with FusionPlus Data is crucial to continuing this fight, enabling resellers to have full easy access to the ViraPro range, which will not only be a profitable market leading must-have for every reseller, but it will also assist in hand hygiene habits being continued by kids and adults alike hopefully keeping more families safe from this terrible pandemic.”

Steve Bilton, Managing Director of FusionPlus Data adds “The timing of the new Portlio Group product file could not be better – more products will be added over time but Richard has made the right call to start with the Viapro products which are already proving to be very popular with the Irish dealer community”

The now fully-attributed ViraPro range product file is available and easily activated via Prima Marketplace.

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