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Prima Cloud awarded Warrant by The Stationers’ Company

Prima are delighted to receive the Award for Excellence granted by The Stationers’ Company, also referred to as a Stationers’ Warrant, the award is another significant milestone for Prima Software.
The Stationers’ Award for Excellence is an established concept developed by the Stationers Company to offer successful entrants the opportunity to have their new innovative product tested and analysed by a professional panel, to ultimately decide if the product meets all of the criteria required to be given the Stationers’ Company seal of excellence.
The Stationers’ Warrant recognises the continuous investment in development and service provision that the Prima Cloud product offers to Office Supplies resellers. It lasts for 12 months and must be renewed on an annual basis subject to successful approval from a judging panel.
Development Managing Director, Stephen McLaughlin and General Manager, Ian Buckley attended Stationers Hall on the 10th October to receive the award from Ian Bennett, Master of the Worshipful Company of Stationers. Stephen was delighted to receive the warrant and said ‘the award represents the great work that we have been doing in line with our users. We don’t create solutions for ourselves, we do it for the people who use the product on a daily basis, we listen to the challenges they face and the ideas that they have to streamline their processes and then we create solutions to meet these needs. To receive the Stationers Award for excellence is very pleasing and provides us with fresh endeavour to continue developing Prima Cloud for our customers’.