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Exclusively delivering Fusion Plus Data

to your back office and webstore

FusionPlus Data content is included as standard within the Prima software package and delivers other key benefits such as multi-level attributes for characteristics such as, but not limited to colour, brand and size enabling search results filtering and product comparisons.

Having this enhanced data improves the information available on product records, enabling easier and more accurate searching for your staff in the back-office and your customers on the webstore. Enriched content includes multiple images, supporting documents and video content.

A few Fusion statistics

Over 2 million multi-level product attributes

Over 170,000 unique products

Supports multiple images, documents and video

Why do we use Fusion Plus Data?

Fusion provides fast, easy and effective search using accurate, high quality data which is proven to enhance the consumer experience, help retain customers and increase average order values, particularly on the web.

Fusion also helps back office users to be more efficient, improve customer service and increase orders when dealing with off-line customer enquiries.

With over 170,000 unique items currently supported, items are accurately cross-referenced across all the major wholesaler, dealer group and other supplier catalogues.

Thousands of new products are added monthly and the content is constantly improving as more suppliers recognise the importance of having their brands better represented in a more sales-centric manner.

Are you a supplier?

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