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Prima Marketplace – Helping resellers to increase sales and grow their business

It was just over a year ago when we launched Prima Marketplace. Since then, our digital supplier network has grown to provide access to around 3 million products from sectors including traditional office products, medical, catering, workwear and much more.

Prima Marketplace, what is it?

Prima Marketplace is an exclusive data and catalogue service designed specifically for business supplies resellers to grow their sales, improve customer online experience, and expand their product range by providing them with the very best purchasing network available.

It is an online, one-stop shop where resellers can view, browse, and request supplier catalogues to automatically populate their Prima ERP system with full product listings and rich marketing content including access to industry leading FusionPlus data content (multiple product images, extended descriptions, videos, PDF’s, product attributes and product alternatives).

Prima Marketplace provides the business supplies reseller greater purchasing opportunities and a wider product range for their customers. It is fully integrated with all our products; Therefore, resellers can access Marketplace directly from their Prima ERP system or via the Prima Marketplace website. They can browse suppliers and request supplier catalogues of which can be immediately uploaded to their system.

Catalogue Management

The data within Marketplace is managed by Prima’s data team who link equivalent items from different suppliers so that customers can compare supplier cost pricing easily and efficiently, saving them time, reducing costs and ultimately, giving their customers better pricing and an improved experience.

Managing multiple catalogues and updates was previously a time-consuming task for resellers. However now, catalogues no longer need to be manually imported and updated – Marketplace takes care of this. This can potentially save hours of wasted time managing multiple spreadsheets and price files.

As and when a Marketplace supplier, manufacturer or distributor updates their catalogue, this information is relayed through to Prima’s business supplies resellers and the catalogues are automatically updated within their Prima ERP System, ensuring products and pricing are always up to date. Resellers do not have to wade through endless amounts of data to prepare it for their system – this is all done via Marketplace for them. This entire process helps to alleviate their workload, ensuring that they can focus their time on selling products and growing their business.

Prima Marketplace provides a centrally managed service for business supplies resellers where catalogues are always current, accurate and automatically applied to their Prima ERP system when changes are made by the supplier.

Marketing Material

Resellers also have access to promotional marketing material produced by suppliers who can directly publish this to their profile on Prima Marketplace. They can utilise these banners and images for promotions on their ecommerce platform, email, and social media marketing.

Prima Marketplace not only benefits business supplies resellers, but also industry suppliers and manufacturers. By embracing the many benefits of Prima Marketplace, suppliers can now establish an electronic link, directly with resellers to facilitate orders, invoicing, and stock checking facilities. This streamlines the entire ordering and invoicing process, eradicating the need for business supplies resellers to make phone calls or send emails to query stock and place orders with their suppliers. These time saving benefits allow resellers to focus their time on growing their sales and generating more business for both themselves and Marketplace suppliers.

The changing landscape of Office/Business Supplies

In recent years, traditional business supplies resellers have needed to diversify and expand their product range to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of business supplies. This need for expansion has been augmented by the recent challenges and demands during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led business supplies resellers sourcing a wider variety of products such as: PPE, face masks, sanitiser, protection screens etc.

The year of 2020 not only came with the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, but it was also the year in which the industry was severely impacted by one of the main wholesalers going into administration. The demise of Spicers significantly impacted the industry and has since resulted in resellers looking to source products away from the traditional wholesale supply chain and going direct to manufacturer or distributor. Prima Marketplace is a direct response to this and provides manufacturers and distributors with the platform to service such demands.

What goes on beneath the surface?

Whilst Prima Marketplace may appear as a collection of individual catalogues, beneath the surface is where the real innovation takes place.

There are almost 3 million products available via Prima Marketplace. Each product, from every catalogue, is individually registered as a unique code on Prima’s central database. These unique codes are all cross-referenced and linked to related products from other suppliers’ catalogues. This enables business supplies resellers to list multiple catalogues on their system without showing duplicated products. When their customers purchase products, Prima ERP will additionally inform the reseller of the various suppliers available, where they can purchase that product from and most importantly, at the best price.

SEO and eCommerce

Rich data is essential for eCommerce and SEO. Prima Marketplace provides business supplies resellers with a centralised source of enhanced web data, a large proportion enriched by FusionPlus Data. In the fast-evolving world of ecommerce it’s imperative that business supplies resellers can provide their customers with an exceptional online experience that enables them to quickly browse products, and make scrutinising product comparisons using informative and rich product data. Marketplace makes this achievable by providing resellers with access to enhanced data, images, videos, and downloadable documents.


The increasing demand for environmentally friendly and ethically sourced products has made it essential for business supplies resellers to have access to this range of products. With the enriched, attributed data that is available to resellers via Prima Marketplace, their end customer can easily search for, and purchase green products ensuring that we all play our part in helping to minimise our environmental impact.

What’s next for Prima Marketplace

Prima Marketplace is already utilised by hundreds of business supplies resellers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers in UK and Ireland. Our aim is to continue growing Marketplace by adding more and more suppliers with products that offer exciting diversification opportunities.

Over recent years, we have witnessed the transition of the traditional business supplies reseller evolve in to a one-stop-shop solution for their customers. They not only provide a wide, diverse product range, but are now offering additional services such as consultancy, design, and even building management services.

In addition to Prima Marketplace providing catalogue and data management for business supplies resellers, it can also become a source of inspiration, helping them to identify new, innovative products and solutions that they can promote and offer to their customers, ultimately providing a greater service and that one-stop-shop experience.

Love them or hate them, Amazon has played a key role in driving the innovation and technology involved with ecommerce and the online shopping experience. Therefore, in order to compete, it’s essential that end customers have a variety of options when purchasing online. Prima Marketplace provides business supplies resellers with the catalogue range, enriched data, electronic purchasing technology required to enable them to deliver a service, pricing structure and shopping experience to compete with that of Amazon for the end customer.

From business supplies resellers and end customers to suppliers and manufacturers, Prima Marketplace provides the platform where a vast array of diverse products and services can be united into a mutually beneficial solution for all involved.