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Prima POD | Logistics efficiency gains through new mobile app

Why we’ve brought it in

The recent introduction of our Proof of Delivery(POD) module is a real step forward in terms of our move to improving mobile efficiency through the ordering process in Prima Cloud.
POD helps save time on your whole delivery process, whilst also using mobile technology to provide your customers with a simple yet improved service.

Who should use it

POD is designed for our customers running their own delivery service and enables sign-on despatch using PrimaPOD mobile App.

What are the benefits
  • Manage your driver delivery schedules
  • Reduced time organising printed despatch notes
  • Real-time updates to Prima Despatch Notes to see the progress of your drivers and your customer service team having visibility of the POD signatures.
  • Your customers can access their own POD signatures from the PrimaGO store.
  • Save cost on printing/storing multiple copies of despatch notes.
  • A modern, professional service which helps to promote your brand
How does it work

POD Uses the Manifests module(found in the Movements section) within Prima to prepare/organise your Van Routes. The Van Route is then assigned to your driver/POD user. The POD user then logs in to the App on their mobile device and syncs to the manifest. The driver then has access to all drops on the route and at each delivery can collect the customers signature and mark the delivery as complete. This, in turn, completes the despatch in Prima, making the order ready for invoice. Should you need to produce PODs for invoice payment, you can reprint the despatch note and email to the customer, or if you use the PrimaGO webstore, your customers can log in to their My Account section and see the POD signatures for themselves.
Here’s the webinar we put together on integrating POD to your logistics process:

Accessing the POD

The POD app is available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms to download from the appropriate app store.
Accessing the POD app uses a POD license and this may require you to increase your Prima user licenses.
The POD app is proving really popular with customers so far, and we’ve already been given great feedback which is making its way into upcoming versions of Prima.
We recommend that you contact UK & Ireland Account Manager Oliver Rowles to find out more, as there may be a training need for your team to integrate the new process into your business.

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