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Prima Reduces The Stress of Switching Systems With New Appointment


Prima Software are delighted to announce that Mike Smith will be appointed as Customer Orientation Manager with immediate effect.
Switching a back office system can be a very stressful and unnerving experience. Our Onboarding Team are with you from the moment you sign up for Prima right through to your ‘go-live’ days, and when the project is completed you will be handed over to our Customer Care Team.
Whilst our tried and tested processes have provided a great onboarding experience to customers, we know that we must continuously listen to feedback, review our services to consistently provide the best experience. With that in mind, we are dedicating resource specifically to the post ‘go-live’ days and creating a new department for this Orientation period. The department is staffed by highly experienced members of the Prima team, with the right skill set and temperament to work with new customers and get them accustomed to the system.
Our new Customer Orientation Manager, Mike Smith, will focus on providing the best possible aftercare to help customers settle into the new processes and routines in Prima Cloud and PrimaGO.
Mike commented:

‘I believe the role will be very beneficial to both new and existing customers as my main aim is to improve the whole experience. I want to bring some stability to what we all know is a big, big change within a dealer’s business, and I believe that having a dedicated contact to ensure that you are using Prima in the most efficient way right from the get-go will contribute massively to that. For existing customers, I think this role will also have a direct impact on their experience as well as new customers, due to the encouragement on developing internal training frameworks for the current team which will, in turn, benefit the experience of contacting our customer care team. The most important thing to me is ensuring that new dealers get the most out of what is essentially a crucial investment in their business.’

Every new customer will receive a defined Orientation period, and in addition to the aftercare support provided, new customers will be encouraged to use their online sessions to ensure you’re benefitting from the efficiency gains of Prima as early as possible. We will also aim to complete any post-go-live project tasks during this period too.

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