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Prima Team Completes PrimaVoca Mental Wellbeing First Aid Course

We recently invited David & Caroline, co-founders of PrimaVoca, to deliver mental health wellbeing training to our team.

We recognised the importance of equipping ourselves with the necessary skills and regulatory compliance to offer physical first aid and vital mental wellbeing support to our colleagues in times of need.

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health issue at some point and our team can now recognise the signs, however subtle, that a friends mental health is deteriorating. We now feel equipped to approach the friend, ask better questions, listen to understand, not to reply and to support the friend in getting the right help they need.

A picture of our team after completing the mental health wellbeing training

The course covered a variety of topics from stress management through to coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression both in and outside of the workplace.

We often find it difficult to speak about our mental health but with the excellent training delivered by David & Caroline from PrimaVoca, we found ourselves opening up about our own experiences. We really do feel that the course has broken down the barriers that can surround mental health discourse.

Our team are now equipped as empathic and practical first responders who can hopefully make a real difference to someone experiencing a mental health issue in work and in our personal lives.

Thank you so much to David and Caroline for delivering such valuable training and we couldn’t recommend PrimaVoca enough if you are looking to deliver mental health wellbeing training in your work environment.

Visit PrimaVoca’s website at to discover how their training programs can benefit your organisation and contribute to a healthier, more supportive work environment.