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PrimaGO Focus Group – 5th November 2020

Our first Prima GO Focus Group Zoom Call took place today with 18 attendees joining our Prima GO Product Leader, Gary Fletcher.  The purpose of this meeting was to present the key developments, share our goals on speed improvements, data flows, handling support requests and providing an insight into how our mobile platform is becoming operational on all devices.

During the meeting, Gary covered the recently evolved Support process, plans to update catalogues automatically outside of business hours, the new development cycle, a complete review to the Control Panel allowing Dealers to easily update their sites and many more enhancements to the system that make the user experience so satisfying that they want to return.

Gary Fletcher, Prima GO Product Leader said “Our first Prima GO Focus Group was a great opportunity for me to present the significant developments in PrimaGO whilst also taking onboard feedback and suggestions directly from our customers. I am personally looking forward to the next one where we will again share all the new enhancements as well as engaging in a collaborative discussion on further developments.”

We will soon be posting detailed notes from the Focus Group for any customers who couldn’t attend the Zoom session.

Thank you for today – very informative and some exciting new developments there.

Dawn Collin, SMART Business Supplies

Prima GO Focus Group

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