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PrimaGO Focus Group – Register Your Interest!

Event Date – Thursday 5th November

Location – Online Zoom Session

Host – Gary Fletcher – PrimaGO Product Leader

Following the appointment of Gary Fletcher as our PrimaGO Product Leader, Gary has settled in to the role very quickly and has begun implementing processes around product design, feature development, release management and testing.

Gary is keen to work closely with our customers, taking onboard your feedback and suggestions for the ongoing development of Prima GO. As part of this, we will now be holding regular PrimaGO Focus Groups. We aim to run these every 4 months and will cover the following:

  • Introduction / Overview development process
  • Review of recent developments delivered
  • Developments currently in progress / roadmap
  • Open Forum on Future Requirements
  • AOB

Our focus groups will eventually be held at venues across the UK & Ireland. however with the current COVID-19 guidelines we will be launching our first Focus Group online on Thursday 5th November 2020

Click to register your interest or contact Gary Fletcher to register your interest in taking part in a Prima GO Focus Group

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