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CUSTOMER REVIEW: Prima's weekly Training Webinars gaining momentum

Fieldskill have been a Prima customer since January 2015 and have been taking full advantage of the training provided by Prima these past few weeks, with the weekly Webinars being the stand out source of help.
Annie Hollands, Office Manager of Fieldskill said: “Following your Webinar session today on Customer and Supplier returns, I just wanted to thank you for giving us this valuable “Snapshot” training each Friday.
It is proving really useful to the whole team, and we are now making a date in our diaries every Friday, to ensure we do this, and catch up on previous sessions we may have missed.
Being able to provide our own requests for Webinar sessions, means we can get first hand training on vital information and problem solving, to ensure we utilise Prima fully and in the correct manner.”
Steve, Prima’s Cloud Services Manager said: “The team want to explore available channels when it comes to delivering new training content. Feedback such as this is great, as it shows our customers are responding positively to our new strategies. I believe these social media channels such as  YouTube and our @primahelp Twitter account are changing the way Prima approaches product training, massively for the benefit of our customers. The direct customer feedback we receive defines the content we produce each week. It’s a brilliant start, and we will continue to work closely with our customers on improving these services in the coming months.”

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