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Space Right Europe Ltd. now available on Prima with FusionPlus enhanced content


Spaceright Europe Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of display and presentation products, dining solutions and early years furniture, is now available for Prima customers via Prima Marketplace following a recent partnership with FusionPlus Data that will provide resellers with sales-boosting product content.

Spaceright Europe Ltd has been manufacturing education and office products for over 100 years and their trusted brands which include: FlameShield, Wilson & Garden, EdTech and Millhouse, can be found in schools, nurseries and offices across the UK.  Spaceright are at the forefront of innovation within their sector and invest heavily in product development and technological efficiencies, to ensure they deliver the cutting edge solutions the market needs.

Through this new partnership, Spaceright Europe Ltd will be able to provide optimised product information including;  features and benefits, high quality product and lifestyle imagery, videos and brochures to Prima customers.

This centrally managed product content will be a major sales asset for resellers.  Steve Ashton, CEO at Spaceright Europe Ltd said:

“We are delighted to be working with the FusionPlus team to bring resellers optimised product content for our range.  Today’s market is competitive and with the constant rise of online sales, it is imperative to be responsive which means up to date content and the ability to respond quickly to emerging trends.  Product innovation is key to our success, and with FusionPlus ensuring the integrity of our data and regularly pushing out product updates, additions and discontinuations, we can support resellers in reacting quickly, and deliver new products to the market sooner”.

Marie Dale, Marketing Director for Spaceight Europe Ltd, adds:

“Research tell us that customers are increasingly visually driven, so it is imperative our images and key product information is well presented.  Our marketing team have been working hard to prepare as much optimised, online friendly, and end-user targeted content as possible including brochures, diagrams and info graphics.  All of this is geared around ensuring the end user has the information they need to make a decision at their fingertips – ultimately, good content will drive action and secure sales. “

Steve Bilton, Managing Director of FusionPlus Data, adds:

“I love it when we partner with a true specialist in a given category. For any dealer either already working within, or looking to expand into, the education sector, they should definitely contact Spacreright to find out more about their ranges and the additional sales opportunities they will most definitely create – exciting times ahead!!”

The optimised Spaceright Europe Ltd catalogue will be available and easily activated via your Prima system or Prima Marketplace

To find out more, contact your Spaceright account manager or send us an email at

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