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Standivarius now available on Prima Marketplace

standivarius workplace ergonomics

We’re delighted to announce that premium ergonomic products manufacturer, Standivarius is now available to Prima customers via Prima Marketplace with sales-boosting FusionPlus product content.

Standivarius boasts a UK portfolio of 29 business, consumer and academic line of premium laptop stands aimed at hybrid work trends by providing lightweight and flexibility to mobile users. To adapt to ever-evolving consumer needs and habits, Standivarius has enlisted product content service FusionPlus Data to upgrade its online catalogue and content for e-commerce.

Through this new partnership, Standivarius can provide optimised full features and benefits copy, product images, lifestyle images, videos, and brochures to Prima users in the UK and Ireland. The product file will be refreshed regularly with product updates, additions and discontinuations, allowing resellers to react quickly and new products to go to market sooner.

This centrally managed product content will be a major sales asset for resellers. Troy Martin, Sales Director at Standivarius, outlines some of the benefits for retailers and their customers alike, stating:

“We look forward to providing channel partners with optimized content, not just wholesale listings. Our partners will enjoy full access to our niche line of healthy work products for the work-at-home to return-to-office laptop users. Our visually compelling content will help customers find ergonomic work setups, establish customer loyalty, and higher repeat business for our partners.”

Marius Moldovan, Co-founder and General Manager for Standivarius, adds: “Our marketing team developed optimised, online friendly, and end-user targeted content to help customers find healthy work products. This includes a range of appealing visual tools such as videos, infographics and flyers. We’re adding new content to the DMR Ergonomics catalogue on a regular basis with the intention of making our products more enticing on webpages and encouraging customers invest in healthy work products. We feel these efforts will pay off in more sales and increased margins for our channel partners.”

Steve Bilton, Managing Director of FusionPlus Data, adds: “It’s great to see Standivarius provide the dealer community and their customers with healthy work products and the timing could not be better as people return to the office or work from home, or both – with the Standivarius range, all bases are covered!

Troy, Marius, Rolland and the FusionPlus team have created a fantastic and highly enriched product file which I’m sure will be extremely popular with the dealers, and their customers – well done guys, great to have you on board!”

The optimised Standivarius catalogue will be available and easily activated via Prima Marketplace.
To find out more, contact Standivarius sales department via email at

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