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Supplier Spotlight | A conversation with ACCO UK Ltd

Following the recent and official launch of our supplier portal, Prima Marketplace, we are encouraging promotions and spotlight opportunities from suppliers to enable them to showcase their products & services to our customers via our monthly customer newsletters, website blog, social media and more.

Recently, I caught up with Elisabete Wells, Marketing Director at ACCO UK Ltd. to discover all about the business and the relationships they have with our Prima Community.

Tell us a little bit about your business. What do you offer? 

ACCO UK Ltd is the UK’s largest office product company, part of ACCO Brands EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). In Europe, ACCO operates in 24 countries and boasts 10 manufacturing units as well as 16 distribution centres. The company offered a unique portfolio of brands with strong local heritage and an unmatched assortment of product categories for today’s end-users and workplaces.

What benefits do you bring to the Prima Marketplace and our Community? 

With a portofio of over 4,500 products across 9 brands (Rexel, Leitz, GBC, Nobo, Kensington, Esselte, Sasco, Derwent, Rapid), ACCO’s offering is unique, modern, innovative, modern and relevant to the end-users. Our unrivaled brand choice enables our resellers to cross sell and trade up effectively. We aim to drive market value for profitable growth. We have a very strong, reliable supply chain with a local DC and many owned manufacturing facilities in Europe, making is a trusted supplier and partner. We offer industry standard, competitive delivery services included next day.

Do you offer electronic trading capabilities with Prima? If so, what would you say are the main benefits of using EDI for our Community? If not, is this something you will look to do in the future?

We work with many resellers on an EDI basis: it is fast, reliable and efficient. We also offer a live stock feed to make sure your customers are not disappointed when they shop/browse your web pages. We have the IT, sales, marketing and customer infrastructure to work flexibly and respond quickly.

Exclusive Prima Offer

ACCO UK Ltd.  offer an extensive number of sales driving end-user promotions like cashback, gifts on redemption, prize draw… to help you close the sale. They make all of their marketing and promotional material available free of charge and in user-friendly formats. Check them out now on Prima Marketplace.

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