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Supplier Spotlight | A conversation with BCD Supplies

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Recently, Prima’s UK & Ireland Account Manager, Oliver Rowles, caught up with Paul Duffield, the Managing Director of one of our newest suppliers, BCD Supplies. In this interview we learn more about their business, the relationships they have with the Prima community as well as any exciting things coming up!
Tell us a little bit about your business. What do you offer? This is your time to plug!
BCD supply aftermarket consumables in the EOS sector to trade only. We supply toner cartridges, inks, drums, labels, tapes and ribbons stocking within our catalogue a core range of products most dealers would recognise instantly. Earlier this year we moved to Prima as their first distributor client and have full EDI capabilities alongside the catalogue being available via FusionPlus Data.
Within our offering we have a premium range of toners with industry leading quality and failure rates, our own branded solution for toners ‘Expert’, our best seller, with an unbranded box solution across all product ranges if that is your preference.
What makes BCD different?
Where we really set ourselves apart from the competition is within our customer care. This ‘Customer First Policy’ flows through all our dealings with our customers whether account management or aftercare. We are still of a size that allows us to be flexible and personal in our service and we aim to not lose that as we grow. Our service is where we make a difference and what follows are a couple of customer case studies.
Ben had a hotel desperate for the toners he had ordered from us but the courier in London messed up, didn’t ship the order out on the delivery van that day, assured us it would go in the afternoon and didn’t follow through so at 5:00 the goods were still sat in the depot. We organised a same day courier in to collect from the depot and deliver it 2 hours later into the hotel around 8:00 pm. Ben went from zero to hero with the customer overnight.
We recently launched a recycling programme where cartridges are sent to a specialist plant to be recycled meaning that no parts will reach landfill. We share the cost of recycling the products with the customer, whether its inks, toners, compatible or OEM we welcome everything even if we didn’t supply it.
Last year when expanding our warehouse out of its start up space we chose to partner with the Social Enterprise called Paperworks based in north Leeds. Working in collaboration with them we contribute to the enterprise funding through space rental but most importantly enhance work skills and well being for adults with learning disabilities. Overseen by our warehouse manager and the Paperworks staff the trainees pick, pack, re-box and label the products along with other tasks. Many of the parcels your customers receive have been handled by the trainees at Paperworks. In supporting BCD you are making a difference in our local community.
What benefits do you bring to the Prima Marketplace and our Community? 

  • Wide range of core products covering toner, ink, drums, labels, tapes ribbons
  • Premium toner product range, never seen a failure rate so low
  • EDI link up
  • Fusion Catalogue
  • Next Day Delivery with 99% fulfilment of orders for next day
  • Low failure rate
  • Easy Returns process
  • No restock fees
  • Customer first policy
  • Socially conscious
  • Recycling programme available
  • Tech assist for customers
  • Experience Knowledgeable staff
  • Free samples available to help you win new business
  • 24 month warranty and engineer cover if needed
  • Cut off for next day at 5pm

Do you offer electronic trading capabilities with Prima? If so, what would you say are the main benefits of using EDI for our Community? If not, is this something you will look to do in the future?
Yes, we offer EDI with full capabilities for Prima users as we use Prima ourselves. The great advantage we have found is ease of use. We don’t use it with any suppliers for purchasing but our customers orders arrive in our system ready to go so we can imagine how easy it is for purchasing.
We’ve really appreciated Prima’s help with making the acknowledgements work too.


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