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Supplier Spotlight | A conversation with Printada!

In this month’s Supplier Spotlight, Prima’s Marketing Director Rob caught up with Paul at Printada! to find out more about their printer subscription services which can offer Prima customers savings against purchasing printers and cartridges individually.

Printada! is a subscription offer developed and operated by Data Direct Thames Valley Limited who have been operating in the UK and Western Europe for over 30 years. This experience is the driving force behind developing a solution which can help turn A4 printer leasing business from low profit to a high profit, contracted revenue stream.

What makes Printada! unique? 

Printada! lease printers directly to end users as part of their core service. By becoming a Printada! Approved Dealer, Prima customers can offer a printer leasing service without the complicated product sourcing, finance agreements, and high costs typically involved with running a subscription.

What benefits can Printada!’s service bring to Prima customers?

Printada! makes it easy to sell the leasing service immediately with minimal work required from the dealer. Although the subscription is an agreement between the dealer and end user, Data Direct do all the work to facilitate the service. This includes presenting the subscription offerings to the dealer to pass through to the end user, creating the invoice fees and documentation, and supplying the physical printer and components to the end user.

As Data Direct control the main operation, Prima customers can focus time and energy into marketing the service which can help to increase revenue streams and maximise profit levels.

What additional services do Printada! offer outside of the initial printer and cartridge lease?

The Printada! service includes all consumables associated with a printer, as well as a three year warranty and all maintenance. This means that Prima customers do not have to worry about the high costs associated with servicing leased printers, ensuring profit levels are consistent with only the initial cost to factor in.

Printada! also offers free delivery on all products as well as a no penalty cancellation option which makes it an affordable and flexible service.

Do you have any incentives that our Community may benefit from?


Getting Started

Prima customers can find out more about Printada!’s services by contacting Paul Callow:

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