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Technology Sales Made Easy

On Tuesday, 14th November, a well-attended webinar brought together over 70 dealers from the UK & Ireland. This event featured Neil Hampton from, Andrew Beaumont of Exertis, and Ian Buckley from Prima Software. They provided an insightful exploration of overlooked sales opportunities readily available to businesses.

This exclusive session aimed to empower you and your company with critical insights and resources, enhancing your technology sales initiatives on a daily basis.

If you couldn’t join us for the live event, don’t worry. The webinar is available for you to re-watch at your convenience. You can also download the presentation and other relevant materials. We encourage you to share the link with your sales team to spread these valuable insights.

Will you be sharing this presentation?

Yes, it is available in the download section of this page. Here is a link to it: Attach Opportunities Nov 2023

Will there be marketing materials available to use on our website and possibly for use at the bottom of outgoing emails?

Yes, you can find some banners within a zip file in the downloads section of this page. Here is a direct link to them:

Zip File – 1

Zip File 2

Can you send out the recording of this, we can share this internally.

Yes, the video is published on this page and ready for you to share. Here is the YouTube link:

Can we get these slides in an editable format for marketing purposes?

Yes, the slides can be found in the downloads section of this page. Feel free to amend for your own internal usage.

Are the StarTech resources & Support intended for Dealers or for end users? resources and support can be used by anyone; Their team are ready and waiting to help you and your customers with your technical enquiry and technical support 24 hours a day 5 days a week. Neil is also available to contact should you have any opportunities you wish to discuss, but this is 9-5.30 Mon-Fri 😊

Any top selling lines that are recommended for use in education sector? can certainly help here, ideally they would need you to be more specific as universities top selling lines would be different to a primary schools top selling lines, most of their products are suitable anywhere, I would suggest reaching out directly to Neil, he can then make the proposal more bespoke to you and your customer.

How will our dealer pricing compete against that of the giants, such as Amazon? I'm sure we have been purchasing StarTech products from there without realising we had access to the manufacturer

Your dealer pricing should be competitive, although on some occasions Amazon do special offers (outside of’s control), but with 3,000 SKUs in their range this isn’t really an issue they have come across, they are flexible and will always work with their partners to ensure pricing is aligned and fair.

Where else would we see StarTech product being sold? products are sold in a wide variety of B2B markets as they have many different products which service many different needs, the only area where they  have no focus is the retail/consumer market.

With the range being so big, can we focus on a bundle of top 10 and give a good, better and best option?

Neil has provided their top 21 products that would be ideal for the office product reseller, some of these products might not quite fit the customers requirements but rest assured they will no doubt have a perfect solution for your customers’ needs in their vast range.

Would it be IT managers who generally do the buying of docking stations or office managers?

Traditionally it has been the IT managers job to purchase their type of product but this has certainly changed over recent years with office managers and even staff being tasked with procuring their own IT accessories.

Can we get a section on our webstore to showcase what we can offer?

Yes of course. Please contact Prima Customer Care to discuss how you can set this up.

Can you share that (GROWTHFACTOR-e) QR CODE Please???

Sure, here is the direct link to the GROWTHFACTOR-e website for further information:


If you’re ready to secure your FREE customer tickets, you can go directly to our Eventbrite page:

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Will this be available to Irish members?

In Northern Ireland, however, Exertis IT Ireland supply the StarTech range.

Do we order StarTech via Exertis on edi?

Yes, if you have EDI with Exertis Supplies setup.

Who can I speak to for pricing support?

Please contact your Exertis Supplies Account Manager