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The Power of Employee Social Media Advocacy

Building up your company’s presence, reputation, and credibility online can take months, or even years for marketing teams to achieve. The most common way to engage social media advocates for your business is to create a positive reputation through happy customers, which then naturally leads to these happy customers sharing their thoughts online, that’s just the digital world we now live in.
What if your very own employees could also vouch for your company online too?
In the current world of B2B marketing, the “everyone is a publisher” concept has been reinvented as employee advocacy. Employees are one of the most untapped resources that marketers have today – and many companies are far from realising their full potential.
Every post published by an employee on social media reaches hundreds of new connections, which your business channels would not be able to gain exposure to on its own. If you then add these new connections to the audience that you’re already reaching via your own business accounts, your community suddenly becomes a whole lot bigger. Makes sense, right?
SocialReacher have created a wonderful infographic outlining the powers of employee advocacy on social media, see below.

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