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Approaching product training with a different perspective

Since the product launch in October 2014, Prima Cloud’s journey to an established ERP Software as a Service(SaaS) platform in the OP industry is a classic example of the shift in technology we are seeing in all sectors. The move for Prima was both necessary and inevitable.
The remote hosting of our product has demonstrably transformed Prima as an organisation, but has also brought our customers the many key benefits you associate with SaaS products such as rapid deployment/scalability, adaptability and flexibility through an agile development strategy, reduced hardware costs and so on.
Focusing on the agile development strategy, this has been one of the great success stories of Prima Cloud. There have so far been 800+ updates and new features delivered to customers via regular service pack updates, and the functionality available now is almost beyond comparison versus our original client-server product. This highlights again how our industry has changed considerably in just a few years, with the trend set to continue.

But therein lies ‘the problem’…

Picture: Two of our SupportPLUS customers making the most of their onsite training day with Oli and Liam.

The SaaS model dictates that these updates will come thick and fast to the users, but it does not guarantee the user will see value from the updates and improve productivity. The value in software comes from having staff who know how to use it, and this is ultimately down to an investment in training.
To add real benefit, users need a training solution that compliments the Prima Cloud product model, so that as the product is rapidly evolving, staff learn little and often, taking advantage of any productivity gains or new business growth features, through automation for example. It’s Training as a Service, if you will, providing continuous value to a workforce over time.

So what have we done about it

With the above in mind, we launched the subscription based SupportPLUS program to give our customers the opportunity to maximise productivity and business opportunities through Prima Cloud. Customers receive:

  1. X1 Online45 training session per month
  2. X1 Onsite trainingconsultancy day per year
  3. Prima responsible for Data Catalogue imports/management

The real purpose of the package is to promote a low cost investment in regular system training. The monthly online sessions are particularly popular with our customers and completely flexible. It may be a troubleshooting session one month, a new feature session the next. It’s the customer’s choice completely and we simply offer advice on sessions if we identify users struggling in a particular area, for example.
I’ve seen our partnerships strengthen considerably with customers joining the SupportPLUS program, as these customers want to work with us to find solutions which will help their business compete and grow in this changing marketplace.
It’s brilliant to be leading this initiative, and I believe the recent increased rate of sign up is evidence that we have a new training model which offers real ongoing value to our customers.