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Webinar – User Filters & Grid Layouts

WEBINAR DATE: Friday 16th March 2018   //   TIME: 2:00pm

In Prima Cloud, you can setup user filters in different areas of the system as well as adjust the grid layout to suit your personal preference.

How can this help you?
As much as it may seem like a small area of the system compared to the rest of your daily procedures,  having default search filters adjusted to return your desired information immediately can save hours of time throughout the week and save up to 6 manual clicks per search.

If you have any questions or tips to share yourself while the session is ongoing or after the session, the live chat will also be available.

Don’t forget, if you miss the live session, all of our webinars can be found and replayed at any time by visiting the Webinar Catalogue.

We will look forward to seeing you online!