Ireland: 01 571 9202

We have a new telephone number!

We are pleased to announce that effective from Monday, 30th September we will be upgrading our existing telephony to a hugely reliable and scalable VOIP phone system. The new platform is bursting with many great features that are sure to improve the quality of our service and simplify the call experience.

The leading VOIP technology will provide significant enhancements to our support, customer and employee training processes. The new system offers advanced call routing and call management. It also features a video conferencing facility that hosts meetings of up to 100 delegates enabling our team to deliver quality training sessions and seamless customer support.

As part of the upgrade to a new VOIP system, our main telephone number will be changing on Monday 30th November to:

UK Customers – 0151 433 8370

Ireland Customers – +353 (1)5719202

Please ensure that from 30th November you use the new telephone number.

We plan to integrate the new VOIP system with our Freshdesk ticketing system, which will ensure that our Customer Care representatives can effectively record all of the important details and manage the resolution of your ticket both swiftly and accurately.

Our new telephone number:

UK: 0151 433 8370

Ireland: +353 (1)5719202