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Webinar | Order Pad Importing | PrimaGO & Prima Cloud

WEBINAR DATE: Friday 5th April 2019   //   TIME: 2:00pm
In this webinar we will be covering a key time-saving feature, Order Pads.
Order Pads are a list of frequently ordered products that either yourself or your customers can build to reduce the time that it takes to re-order regularly. This offers benefits to your customers by making it much easier and quicker to order, and also benefits yourself by reducing those tedious admin tasks.
This session will specifically cover importing Order Pads using excel spreadsheets, which is a very popular query that pops up with our customer care team frequently.
If you have any questions or tips to share yourself while the session is ongoing or after the session, the live chat will also be available.
Don’t forget, if you miss the live session, all of our webinars can be found and replayed at any time by visiting the Webinar Catalogue.
We will look forward to seeing you online!