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WP360 IMO with Ian Buckley – It’s ok not to be ok

imo ian buckley

In September’s edition of WP360 Magazine, Prima Managing Director, Ian Buckley discusses how tackling mental health in the workplace starts with knowledge.

In busy working environments where productivity and growth often take centre stage, it’s easy to overlook the vital role that mental health plays. As professionals, we’re accustomed to learning, developing our skills, gathering industry insights, and expanding our knowledge. Yet, there’s a dimension of knowledge that goes beyond the technicalities of our roles—a knowledge that involves understanding, compassion, and support for the mental well-being of our colleagues.

In the latest issue of WP360 Magazine, our Managing Director, Ian Buckley, delves into a topic of paramount importance—tackling mental health challenges within the workplace.

Read the article below and discover the insights, strategies, and stories that illuminate the path toward better mental health practices at the heart of our workplaces.