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Your 2018 Seasonal Marketing Calendar

The festive season is rapidly approaching and many marketers are asking themselves the same question: ‘What seasonal promotions should we be creating and when is the best time to release them?’
Finding the right time to launch seasonal promotions has always been tricky, and it varies depending on the festivity in question. You also need to consider which promotions are more relevant to your industry. For the Office Products Industry in particular, Back to School will be a period that you really need to push, promote and ultimately sell as many products as possible, however the likes of Christmas, Halloween and New Year also play a key role in keeping your brand fresh.
To help with your 2018 seasonal marketing plan, AdExpresso has created the wonderful infographic below providing an overview of when you should be ready to launch each stage of your marketing campaign – from the initial planning stage, right up to the optimum time to increase any online advert spend.

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